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News, Events, and Caribbean Life on South Caicos, Turks & Caicos

The Pirates of South Caicos

Did you know that South Caicos was once a haven for swashbuckling pirates in the early eighteenth century?

As one of the easternmost islands in the Caribbean, South Caicos was in a strategic position for pirates to attack the Spanish vessels that returned to Europe with goods from North America such as tobacco, sugar, and precious metals. At the time, settlers we uninterested in the Caribbean islands, meaning that South Caicos was the ideal place for pirates to wait for their prey. Once the Bermuda salt collectors arrived, the pirates had to leave, but their legacy remains in island folklore.

On your next visit to South Caicos, let you imagination run wild with the history of our island. Is that a pirate ship on the horizon, or just a regular fishing vessel? You’ll never know!