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Paddle Boarding at East Bay Resort South Caicos, Turks and Caicos
Paddle Boarding at East Bay Resort South Caicos, Turks and Caicos
Paddle Boarding at East Bay Resort South Caicos, Turks and Caicos
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The Suites, Including The Beach, Meticulously Maintained

“To celebrate such a special occasion the destination had to be beyond exceptional. Our search led us to South Caicos in the TCI where East Bay Resort exceeded those expectations. Incomparable service was the hallmark of every part of our experience with East Bay Resort from booking through our airport drop-off at the end of a wonderful week. General Manager Bert Nowak was always available and helpful. Our first EBR contact on South Caicos was Jeremiah whose love and knowledge of his native island was shared in a way that made every contact with him especially pleasant. The staff at the Front Desk and Restaurants were personable and attentive in a way that made our family feel like we were the only guests on the property. Chef Ian brightened every day with at least one table side visit. The suites and the rest of the property, including the beach, were meticulously maintained. The residents of South Caicos were genuine and generous. Great place, great food, great people. We will always remember this trip with great fondness.”

Richard S, TripAdvisor, May 2020

Better Than Provo!

“I have been to Provo a couple of times and love it, but South Caicos and East Bay Resort are much better. The bay and beach at the resort are one of the best anywhere in the world. I’m hooked! This will be a regular spot for me.”

TripAdvisor, stay March 2020.

Rooms Spacious, Beach Exquisitely Maintained

“The extra flight to this island is worth it to get away from the more bustling, rowdier and full Provo options. The food and drinks were delicious with bigger portions and is more affordable than Sail Rock on the other side of the island. The beach is exquisitely maintained and there is a no hassle approach to use of kayaks, paddle boats, and other beach items. Rooms are spacious and almost perfectly furnished to meet your every need. It was also easy to sign up for amazing excursions without the competition of 40 people trying to do the same thing. We never felt like just another number or body on a beach. We thoroughly enjoyed personal interactions with the general manager and friendly, regular interaction with the staff. Truly in a matter of days we felt like we were among friends. We were also told by locals that East Bay offers a better beach than the other resort on the island. Part of me doesn’t want people to go so that this place stays uncrowded and not destructive to the environment, but I also want others to experience paradise!”

Tiffany A, Expedia, Jun 11, 2019

Wonderful, Especially The People

“Let me start by saying that I miss this place every day since I have been home. East Bay is a wonderful resort. Not only the beautiful beach location,and amazing views, but especially the people. Everyone who works here: the driver,the girls at the desk and in the restaurant, maintenance staff, cleaning staff and beach and water activities staff, stole my heart! This includes Bert, the manager who was so incredibly kind and accommodating. What a great crew. I was there for 10 days and I felt like everyone became family! A special hello to Quinincia! Sweet sweet girl. You all took such good care of me with all of my questions and needs. I love the girls in the restaurant as they always made me feel at home. Louis in maintenance always was there to help me with my needs, even in the evening, when you would expect everyone to be gone, he was there to help with anything that you may have a problem with.”

Melissa U, TripAdvisor, stay February 2020