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“…Now for the beach…It’s not crowded; it’s well maintained; and the water is a shade of blue that you only see in pictures…Wait till you see the flamingos, iguanas, and all the fish – such good memories…We will definitely be returning to East Bay Resort…”

Kyle W, Tripadvisor, Aug 2022

“Wow, what a wonderful holiday at East Bay Resort. Very friendly and welcoming staff. Pale blue waters, fine white sands, stunning beach, gorgeous sunsets, a very relaxing atmosphere which made for a great holiday in which to unwind and enjoy being with family and friends.”

Cookingmore, TripAdvisor, Apr 2022

“Service at the resort was wonderful and the food was quite good… Rooms are up to date and elegant with full kitchens and living spaces.”

Jamie B, TripAdvisor, Jan 2022

“South Caicos is a great way to unwind and relax totally… Sunrise and sunsets were indescribably amazing.”

Traveller79Turks, TripAdvisor, Feb 2022

“From the time we arrived everyone was so friendly and helpful from the main desk, dining staff, cook, dive managers and dive staff, pick up drivers, and other employees!!”

Frank K, TripAdvisor, Mar 1 2022

“The dive masters are excellent and while we were there, there was at least one day when the divers were within hearing distance of humpback whales.”

Alexandra M G, Tripadvisor, March 6, 2022

“What an exceptional place. It’s very warm and inviting and the people are wonderful and friendly. I would highly recommend putting East Bay on your bucket list- it’s definitely not a place to miss. It is my all time favorite, and I pride myself on being a Caribbean connoisseur. We can’t wait to get back to visit and maybe stay for the whole winter!”

Amy, Tripadvisor, December 2020

“Secluded, beautiful, family friendly… Staff was super attentive and took care of every detail.”

Dale Allsopp, Google, April 2020

“Its remote location adds so much charm… Rooms are spacious, clean, and feature outstanding views of 2 miles of private beach owned by the resort.”

Kelly Farrell, Google, May 2020

“Friendly and safe island with huge starfish, humpback whales, nurse shakes, barracudas, sea turtles, iguanas, horses, donkeys. Amazing room and views.”

Thomas,, March 2019

“A gorgeous property… beachfront with no one around for miles. Most times we had the pool and beach all to ourselves.”

Pat,, December 2019

“Loved the quiet surroundings. No motor-operated water sports makes for a very relaxing day on the clean, raked, sandy beach.”

Expedia, February 8 2020

“The extra flight to this island is worth it to get away from the more bustling, rowdier and full Provo options. It was easy to sign up for amazing excursions without the competition of 40 people trying to do the same thing.”

Tiffany A, Expedia, June 11 2019

“…The massage and body wrap was fabulous. The therapist they have on staff from India is the real deal! Pure magic…”

30gdens, TripAdvisor March, 2018

“The website left me at ease with their gallery and beautiful pictures. The pictures actually do not live up to the resorts natural beauty, it is actually prettier in person.”

Melissa1103, TripAdvisor June, 2016

“…We spent four nights at East Bay Resort and will certainly go back there again. It requires a 20minute plane ride from the main airport PLS. It is fully worth it since you cannot get this kind of location and serenity in Providenciales….”

CKEvans, TripAdvisor Feb, 2018

“…We could not have imagined a more perfect and beautiful wedding, vacation with our family,followed by our private honeymoon. We would like to thank everyone at the hotel for everything they did!…”

Markus F, TripAdvisor Dec, 11, 2016

“Fabulous Honeymoon Gateway. It was magical and so serene here! A perfect spot for the honeymoon…”

Julia S, TripAdvisor July, 2017

“…My husband and I were looking for the perfect place to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and we found it. This is a 5 star luxurious resort offering many excursions and a realgem on a private beach…”

Dgagne2018, TripAdvisor May, 2018

“…the all inclusive deal was much more worth the price. I would highly suggest taking advantage of the all-inclusive opportunity in the resort…”

Jimbo_turk15, TripAdvisor June, 2017

“..the all inclusive plan was well worth it and also enjoyed scuba diving and snorkeling…”

Tracy C, TripAdvisor March, 2019

“My girlfriend and I brought snorkel gear with us and explored this area for another 6-7 hours and never saw a single person! How is that for off-the-grid-AWESOME!!!!”

Skippers, TripAdvisor May, 2018

“…My husband and I will never forget the eco tour that we had by the resort, at a reasonable price of $100 each, we went around a spacious haven of sanctuary in the ocean. Fortunate to see a whale cruising at a distance from our boat and seeing varieties of fishes at the reef by snorkeling. God’s creations is truly amazing and beautiful…”

SRoblee8, TripAdvisor Mar, 2018

“…Do not miss the Kayak Eco Tour. OMG, this was (trying to find the right word here), HEAVENon earth…”

Skippers, TripAdvisor May, 2018

“The boat they use is a Zodiac so very easy to dive from. Also dive sites are only 5 mins off shoreso very easy to get to”

Todd S, TripAdvisor Mar, 2018

“…It’s a great place to SCUBA dive with “The Arch” just a five minute boat ride straight out from the beach, and many other dive sites along the sheltered coast in the National Park…”

JohntheFish Doctor, TripAdvisor June,2017

“…South Caicos is a great place for dive! So much to see. Great reef walls and tons of sea life(sharks, rays, eels, barracuda, lobster, crab, whales, etc.). Since South Caicos is more isolated,most sea life haven’t seen divers before and are more curious/active…”

HAlex R, TripAdvisor March 30,2018

“…What an amazing place to stay! This was by far one of our favorite places ever if not the favorite! Just along the private beautiful white sugar sand beach in front of the hotel we snorkeled and saw sea urchins, a coral reef, barracuda, tons of small fish, conch, sting rays and more. The snorkeling trip was even more amazing and the side trip to the shallows…”

3ogdens, TripAdvisor Mar, 2018

“…The beach is crystal blue and snorkeling was the most unique experience that any other placeI’ve been given the size and variety of fish/corals, etc…”

Gbrianbyungsunkoh, TripAdvisor, 2018

“…The local people are kind and welcoming-expect smiles and waves from everyone…”

Skippers, TripAdvisor May, 2018

“…The hotel is within walking distance of “town” (although the hotel will give you a ride if you ask) and unlike other locations in the region, walking is safe-the most menacing thing you will encounter is a wild donkey. The people of South Caicos are very friendly and welcome visitors to their beautiful island…”

JohntheFishDoctor, TripAdvisor June, 2017

“…South Caicos/East Bay Resort-one of the most magical places on earth and off the grid”

Skuppers, TripAdvisor May, 2018

“…The island was a surprise to us, not knowing how quiet South Caicos would be when booking,it was the first time I actually forgot about everything at home and truly let myself have a vacation…”

Morganbecerra, TripAdvisor, 2018

“…My husband and I just returned from a week at East Bay with our 2 small children (ages 3 1/2and 10 months). I was in our top 3 vacations ever (& we have travelled the entire world). We had so much fun playing on the beach, in the pool, kayaking,snorkeling, biking into town, etc. Weeven rented a car for a day and explored the Island…”

Jesshartman4120, TripAdvisor April, 2018

“…The hotel is beautiful it’s exactly like the pictures…”

sdiaz 10, TripAdvisor March,2018

“…Better deal, better kiting better people. The options of free SUP and kayak use gives non kiterslots to do and again so much better than Providenciales…”

Csyoung202, TripAdvisor Feb, 2018

“I fell in love with it all! 10 nights here and we never were bored. I highly recommend renting scooters to see the whole Island and explore off the beaten path.”

Triciamolls, TripAdvisor Feb,2018

“We had so much fun playing on the beach, in the pool, kayaking, snorkeling, biking into town,etc. We even rented a car for a day and explored the Island.”

Jesshartman4120, TripAdvisor, April,2018

“…2nd visit and still wonderful!…”

SuzieQ511, TripAdvisor Feb, 2018

“…Out kitchen was fully stocked with dishes, but we chose to eat all of our meals at the restaurant. We were impressed with the quality and price of the meals. They were equally as good if not better, than Provo beachfront restaurants and the prices were comparable, as well…”

SVierified traveler, TripAdvisor April, 2016

“The food is first class, the staff friendly and attentive. We never got tired of the menu in elevendays. Everything was delicious…. The barbecue on the beach was memorable. A stargazers delight!”

Michelefoster99, TripAdvisor Feb, 2017

“Simply put it was like being at our cottage but overlooking the Ocean. The beach is pure beautiful soft sand without the garbage, cigarette butts, crowds and water sports that impactGrace Bay.”

TRTWin2014, TripAdvisor Mar, 2019

“…The rooms are absolutely amazing and spacious like living in a luxury penthouse!!! The view from my hotel room was breathe taking, absolutely worth every penny that I spent…”

Donavan O, TripAdvisor, Aug, 2017

“…the view from the resort is to die for…”

Maria L, TripAdvisor, 2018

“One morning, in the distance, we saw a pair of wild horses come up to the beach. It was a little surreal.”

Andrea B, TripAdvisor April, 2017

“.. we were with our daughter and reserved at 2 bedroom 2 bath. The views from the master bedroom and living room are just unbelievable. Floor to ceiling windows in the master, with ocean views in the living room.You can hear the water crashing against the shoreline. All the rooms have full kitchens, with a washer and dryer.”

CAlexis 17 Jacksonville, TripAdvisor 2018

“…Our huge suite had everything we needed to make 3 good meals per day… We brought only 2outfits each since the was a washer–dryer..”

RTWIN2014, TripAdvisor Mar, 2019

“…Our room was superb with a view of the ocean that you could only wish in your dreams…”

Greenbluetomato S.Fransisco, TripAdvisor, 2019

“… the beach is beyond incredible… white powdered sand and crystal clear water with endless brilliant shades of blue..”

Mac The Traveller, TripAdvisor April, 2018

“The beach at the hotel is out of this world…”, TripAdvisor Feb, 2018

“Simply put it was like being at our cottage but overlooking the Ocean. The beach is pure beautiful soft sand without the garbage, cigarette butts, crowds and water sports that impact Grace Bay.”

TRTWin2014, TripAdvisor Mar, 2019

“One morning, in the distance, we saw a pair of wild horses come up to the beach. It was a little surreal”

Andrea B, TripAdvisor, April, 2017

“..the beach is easily the most beautiful I have visited…”

Maria L, TripAdvisor, 2018

“It seemed like we had miles of beach to ourselves! That’s the best part, we didn’t want a resort inProvo where the next resort is 20ft away and there are hundreds of guests at each one. This wasalso the softest sand I have ever felt, even compared toGrace Bay.”

Ampower, TripAdvisor July, 2017

“We stayed at East Bay for 7 days and absolutely loved it. In the past we stayed at a high end resort in Grace Bay but we loved this resort much more. First, instead of a single room with 2beds (that we had in Grace Bay) we had a 2 bedroom 2 and a half bathroom penthouse suite.The suite was gorgeous, clean and the views impeccable. Having this much space for our family of 4 was just fantastic. But even better than the suite was the incredible view of the turquoise water right in front of the resort. …… Having the washer/dryer was a big benefit too as we could pack lighter. With this added space and great view, it was much better than what we had inGrace Bay.”

SavyGal, TripAdvisor Jan, 2020

“…Like all the other excellent reviews, I had the time of my life at East Bay Resort…”

tsfokc, TripAdvisor Jan, 2018

“…This was our first time in T&C and booked our Resort off of the Reviews and we are so glad we did…”

Morganbecerra, TripAdvisor, 2018

“We chose East Bay Resort for a spring break vacation due to the reviews here and the reputation of excellent diving in Turks & Caicos. Little did we know what a gem we would uncover.”

George H, TripAdvisor Mach, 2018

“…The views are breathtaking, with a pristine beach that’s every bit as nice as Grace Bay Beachbut much quieter. South Caicos is quiet, tranquil, beautiful and safe…”

Peace, TripAdvisor July, 2019

“Read the reviews so that you fully understand South Caicos. If you don’t, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for clear blue water, your own private beaches, and don’t need nightlife and shopping, this is the place for you.”

Shayne U, TripAdvisor June, 2018

“A hidden gem that should not be overlooked. If you want a peaceful, quiet, romantic, seclude and safe setting all while being treated like royalty this is the place.“

Gerry C718 TripAdvisor July, 2017

“…A few highlights of my trip was scuba diving it’s one of the best spots to dive in the world…”

Hbanks22 TripAdvisor Jan 2017

“Just had a great trip to this secluded resort. The suite was truly luxurious. The beach is right out the door and the water is the most beautiful I have seen in my ears of travel”

Joseph P TripAdvisor Jan, 2018

“…We stopped for lunch at Provo on the way home and this just confirmed how peaceful and relaxing South Caicos is…”

popeythesailorman TripAdvisor May, 2017

“Incomparable service was the hallmark of every part of our experience …. The suites and the rest of the property, including the beach, were meticulously maintained. The residents of South Caicos were genuine and generous.”

Richard S, TripAdvisor, May 2020

“The extra flight to this island is worth it to get away from the more bustling, rowdier and full Provo options. The food and drinks were delicious with bigger portions and is more affordable than Sail Rock on the other side of the island!”

Tiffany A, Expedia, Jun 11, 2019

“… the beautiful beach location, and amazing views, but especially the people. I was there for 10 days and I felt like everyone became family!”

Melissa U, TripAdvisor, stay February 2020

“I have been to Provo a couple of times and love it, but South Caicos and East Bay Resort are much better. The bay and beach at the resort are one of the best anywhere in the world. I’m hooked! This will be a regular spot for me.”

TripAdvisor, stay March 2020.