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Did you get some great photos during your stay with us? Whether it’s a beautiful sunset or a gorgeous grouper, we’d love to see them!
Enter our photo contest for a chance to win a gift certificate which can be used towards a stay at any Reef Divers Dive Resort.

Our photo pros evaluate contenders for photo of the year based on these primary criteria:Originality
Is this a photo of a subject we haven’t seen or does it show us a different perspective on subjects frequently submitted?Technical Skill
Are the lighting, focus, camera settings, and color “right” in taking the photo or corrected in post-production?Content
Is the subject artistically framed in the photo with the “hero” of the image being easily identifiable?Story
Does the photo tell an interesting story with an emotional impact that makes viewers want to “dive in” and learn more – preferably without requiring explanation?Bigger File Size is Better
Was this photo submitted in a file size large enough that it still looks sharp on a big screen (what our judges use to evaluate) or was it a big photo to begin with that was cropped to be very small to highlight the subject? If your photo is very small or if it contains a watermark, that may negatively impacts your opportunity to win So make your photo settings on your camera the highest resolution possible and omit the watermarks.